Adding a Teen Driver to an Auto Policy? Prepare with These Industry Statistics

Adding a teen driver to an auto policy can be a challenging time, But, your insurance agent can make it easier. Not only are parents anxious about their teen’s driving safety – they frequently suffer from “sticker shock” when faced with the associated premium increase. Below is a look at how teens drive these days. … Continued

6 Home Renovations that Can Affect Your Insurance

If you’re planning a home renovation, you may want to call your insurance agent first This decision can impact your homeowners insurance. Some home renovations will change the amount of coverage you need, while others could even help you qualify for a discount. We cover six common scenarios that could affect your insurance, so you … Continued

What Should I Do If My Boat is Damaged?

Getting out on the water in your boat can be a uniquely enjoyable experience Whether you are planning on a day of fishing or just a few hours of recreational sailing, all of that enjoyment can quickly evaporate if you find your boat is unexpectedly taking on water, and your hopes for a relaxing day … Continued

Combining Car Insurance with Your Spouse

You just said, “I do.” Now it’s time to become one. After getting married, most couples make the decision to combine their auto insurance, and it is even required by some insurers.  It is worth the small inconvenience because combining auto insurance is usually much more affordable and easier to manage. Here are some reasons … Continued

Hurricane Season Insurance Guide

Review your policies before you’re faced with a hurricane Hurricane season takes place June 1 – November 30 every year. Don’t wait until after you have a loss to check your insurance—review your homeowners or renters policies to make sure you have the right coverage in the event you’re hit with a destructive storm. Make … Continued

Considering Joining a Car-sharing Service?

There are Four Things You Should Know Today, as car sharing has grown in popularity well over a million people are members of various services in the U.S., according to the Transportation Sustainability Research Center), the number of options has grown, too. You can borrow a company-owned car (think Zipcar or Car2Go) for a few … Continued